Beyond Drinks

Masterclass by Marian Moisi

Welcome to the inaugural session of ‘Hospitality Sessions,’ where we dive into the art of bartending beyond the beverages. This seminar is designed to enhance the skills that differentiate a good bartender from a great one.

To add an element of fun and engagement, we’ll be conducting interactive games with a chance to win exciting prizes. Active participants will have the opportunity to earn tokens redeemable for a complimentary drink at our upcoming Guest Shift events.

This isn’t just another bartending workshop – it’s a steppingstone to elevating your craft, engaging with guests on a deeper level, and creating memorable experiences for every visitor to your bar.

Join us to learn, play, and walk away with practical knowledge that will serve you every time you pour a drink. Raise your glasses and your skills with us!

COA Beverage #2

Join us as we’ll explore

COA Beverage #1

Note: The workshop will be held in Romanian.

1. The Power of Communication:

  • Mastering Efficient Communication
    Learn the art of clarity and brevity.
  • Understanding Guest Needs
    Anticipate and meet the desires of guests proactively.
  • Non-Verbal Communication
    Discover the subtle cues that speak volumes.

2. Building Relationships with Guests:

  • Earning Trust
    Strategies to establish rapport quickly and effectively.
  • Providing Exceptional Service
    Go beyond in ways that matter.
  • Adaptability
    Stay flexible and responsive to the dynamic bar environment.

Meet Your Trainer

Marian Moisi

Marian Moisi

Bacardi Brand Ambassador Romania

Co-Owner Tabu Social Events
Co-Organizer of Bar Contest Oradea

Marian’s passion for mixology and hospitality shines through his remarkable seven-year journey in the industry. As the esteemed Brand Ambassador for the Bacardi Martini portfolio in Romania, Marian has not only represented a leading global brand but also clinched the title of National Champion at the esteemed Bacardi Legacy competition in 2019.

His commitment to fostering talent and innovation in the field is evident in his role as a co-founder of the BCO (Bar Contest Oradea), a competition celebrating the art of flair and mixology.

Marian passionately believes that true hospitality and a genuine love for people form the cornerstone of an exceptional bartender.

This philosophy is further embodied in his ventures as a co-founder of Tabu Social Events, an agency dedicated to curating high-caliber bar experiences.

His expertise and dedication to the craft are not just about creating memorable drinks but also about nurturing a space where connections are made, and stories are shared over the clink of a glass.

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