Kick the Box

Discover the Art of Mixology

Masterclass by Mihai Pop

Join us at Duke’s for an enlightening journey into the innovative world of cocktails with Mihai Pop, a trailblazer in the mixology scene.

Our third Hospitality Session, KICK THE BOX, promises to be a masterclass like no other, blending creativity, expertise, and a fresh perspective on cocktail crafting.

About the Masterclass: KICK THE BOX goes beyond traditional mixology methods, challenging and inspiring bartenders and enthusiasts alike to push boundaries and redefine their approach to cocktails.

This masterclass is a unique opportunity to learn from one of the best in the industry and to expand your horizons in the world of spirits and hospitality.

COA Beverage #2

What You’ll Experience

COA Beverage #1

Note: The workshop will be held in Romanian.

The masterclass is divided into 3 engaging parts, each designed to enhance your understanding and skills in mixology:

  • Personal Introduction & Visuin: Get to know Mihai and his journey to becoming a mixology maestro.
  • Creativity in Cocktail Making: Explore innovative techniques and creative processes in crafting standout beverages.
  • Guest Experience Excellence: Learn how to create memorable experiences for guests, going beyond just serving drinks.

Why Attend This Masterclass?

  • Global Insights: Gain knowledge from Mihai’s international experiences and learnings from his time in Colombia and Australia.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry professionals and fellow enthusiasts in an engaging and dynamic environment.
  • Skill Enhancement: Elevate your mixology skills with cutting-edge techniques and creative concepts.

Meet Your Trainer

Horea Coloji

Mihai Pop

Bar Manager, Visuin (A) Nut

Mihai Pop’s impressive credentials speak volumes of his passion and expertise in mixology. As the 2023 Indie Bartender Competition winner, Mihai outperformed 1800 competitors across Europe, securing a coveted prize – a transformative trip to Colombia and a guest shift at the globally acclaimed Alquimico, a top-ten ranked bar. This victory is a significant highlight in Mihai’s career, showcasing his exceptional talent and creative prowess.

Beyond this remarkable achievement, Mihai has been recognized by his peers as the “Best Romanian Bartender of 2022.” His journey also includes representing Romania at the Diageo World Class global finals in Sydney, where he made a mark on the international stage.

Currently, Mihai channels his innovative spirit as the bar manager at Visuin Nut (A) House in Cluj Napoca.

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